The study of the Great Pyramid's design shows that a preliminary plan was conceived with the help of thorough scientific knowledge, largely superior to that generally attributed to those who built it. Despite the fact that others before my informant have come close to the solution, no one has been able to demonstrate it irrefutably.
Just as a pile of rocks does not necessarily constitute a wall, a pile of quirky ideas will not get much support, which is exactly what a few predecessors have contented themselves with (and that didn't stop them from producing best-sellers), leaving the public with the unpleasant feeling that they have been had.
For the majority of Egyptologists, the great pyramids are mysterious only because we consider them to be. The profession is almost unanimously closed to anything that strays from the official tracks... and even more so when it doesn't come from an Egyptologist.
The discoveries put forward in the film touch on different disciplines: architecture, geology, engineering, mathematics, paleo-climatology, physics, astrophysics, etc. Numerous experts or scientists complain about the control that Egyptology and archeology in general hold, literally denying them the access necessary to conduct further study and analysis.